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Pursuing Your Personal Legacy

Day 1 Keynote : John Miller

Beyond “connecting” you to our conference and its purpose, John’s message will help you explore setting a personal course-of-action to help you achieve success at work and life.

Innovations in Information Technology

Day 2 Keynote : Dr. Asif Naseem

Connection a is pre-requisite to collaboration, which in turn catalyzes diverse parties and ideas to come together to innovate and co-create. In this keynote, PDS CEO, Dr. Asif Naseem shares with the audience how PDS is innovating through collaboration with partners and customers.


Day 2 Panel Discussion

Dr. Asif Naseem moderates a panel discussion featuring David Cagigal, Kathleen Gallagher, Dr. Martha Gray and Dr. Joseph Smith, who share their thoughts and insights on the state of innovation in their respective industries.