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The global pandemic is profoundly impacting how healthcare is delivered in the US and around the world. Clinicians and administrators alike are experiencing the impact, and are preparing themselves for the inevitable fundamental changes in patient care and population health management in the post-pandemic era. A panel of thought leaders consisting of medical practitioners and Information Technology executives will explore the key current challenges and discuss how they are thinking about addressing the emerging issues. The panel will explore questions such as: how has COVID-19 impacted healthcare IT organization, and how are they addressing these challenges; how have organization’s investment in technology changed as a result of the pandemic; how has the use of Telehealth impacted healthcare providers’ ability to deliver care more readily and potentially enhance patient outcomes; how will the merger & acquisition activity look like in post-pandemic era; what have been some of the biggest technological challenges transitioning to providing care during COVID-19.

October 8 @ 11:15
11:15 — 11:35 (20′)

Panel Discussion

David Lundal, Dr. Asif Naseem, Dr. Jordan Tannenbaum, Jonathan Shoemaker, Pamela Banchy, Tamara Korbel MBA CHCIO