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The School District of Janesville and HPE SimpliVity

The HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged solution was aligned with the District’s key requirements which included replacing aging infrastructure, eliminating associated risk and performance constraints, eliminating down-time and service disruptions, while simplifying management and reducing the learning curve for the Janesville support team.

PDS and HPE partnered to bring us SimpliVity which has astronomically increased our confidence in that infrastructure environment

Join us at PDS CONNECT 2018 for this compelling session about how real people in IT are making a difference in their industry. Hear first-hand how Cassandra Anderson from Janesville School District is ensuring her IT department is enabling learning and removing roadblocks to learning. After rolling out HPE SimpliVity, her team of 16 people has more time to spend on meaningful projects, enabling and empowering education in the classroom.

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Watch the PDS case study video featured above to learn more about why HPE SimpliVity is a great fit for the School District of Janesville.

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