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During the recent PDS CONNECT 2017 conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, our theme referenced how childhood toys played a role in our early innovation mindset. So in my session, I emphasized what LEGOS and Managed Services have in common. There are an array of pieces that are needed to create a Managed Service yourself or to assess a Managed Services Provider’s (MSP) offerings.

In 2015, the CompTIA 4th Annual Trends in Managed Services report surveyed several U.S. IT organizations and found that 57% were “very familiar” with managed services, up from 36% in 2013. However, 41% of those surveyed are “somewhat familiar” with managed services and 7% were “unfamiliar or had not heard of managed services.”

So as our first step in a Managed Services journey, we covered the importance of baselining your IT organizations internal skills and abilities using the PDS IT Maturity Scale, as well as how this insight can be leveraged in making the decision to either build out a service or to buy a service from a MSP.

We also discussed the 3 essential building blocks; PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY, and how to combine these building blocks with a set of in-depth instructions such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). I also introduced the group to how PDS has taken these pieces and assembled them into a Lifecycle Approach that is technology agnostic, comprehensive and outcome focused.

PDS Lifecycle Approach

Only with all of these pieces assembled in the right order can you be successful in delivering efficient, reliable and cost effective solutions to your business.  Managed Services continues to demonstrate value as a way to supplement your organization and help it move forward in the delivery of strategic outcomes.

IT leaders are being asked to do more and more with less.  How do you accomplish that goal?  By transitioning from being an IT Operator into an IT Integrator.  In order to make this transition you will need to develop an IT Lifecycle Approach that is a hybrid, leveraging both internal and external resources to meet these evolving business needs.

The CompTIA 4th Annual Trends in Managed Services report highlighted that half of IT organizations today are outsourcing some or all of their IT functions.  The trend has been towards a higher percentage of organizations leveraging these services, one I certainly see continuing to move upward.

Each service will need to incorporate 3 essential attributes:

AGILE: Accommodate the shifting ways that IT is being consumed in today’s economy (subscription vs. ownership).

ALIGNED: Being able to support and enable strategic business outcomes.

SECURE: Using the right solutions to protect your organization and your customers.

In conclusion, I look to my children and how they leverage LEGOs.  They innovate by gathering all of the right pieces, connected the right way, with endless possibilities in what they can create.  In many ways an approach for an IT organization should be the same.  Gather the right assets (internal and external), connected in a harmonious way, which provides a scalable and innovative platform for your company – with endless possibilities!

Please contact either your PDS Account Director, our general sales team (, or myself ( to discuss ways that PDS Managed Services can help you assemble the right pieces to achieve a new level of IT Maturity.

Greg Fliearman

Greg is responsible for guiding various aspects of the PDS Service Operations organization to create cost effective ways to aid customers with achieving their essential business outcomes.

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