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We were excited to be a part of PDS Connect again this year as the title sponsor!  It’s an incredibile event filled with learning and fun.  It also gave us an opportunity to host a session for companies on the “Office of the Future” and I thought I’d share some key takeaways…

1. The Office is Changing

At HP we look at market trends and customer insights as the foundation in our effort to reinvent technology for the modern ways we work. We look at the market trends transforming the workforce, workplace and work styles, and customer insights from end users, ITDMs, facilities – with the goal to help businesses build their Office of the Future. And we capture our innovation under the three pillars of Design, Security and Collaboration.

Oh yeah, and those millennials are making some noise too:

  • WORKFORCE: Millennials will be about a half of the working population by 2020 and 52% of them say Design is important when selecting a PC: they want their device to look cool – it’s part of their identity! This means our products need to be aesthetically appealing.
  • WORKPLACE: Many companies opt for open floor office plans to evoke a sense of energy, openness and belonging to a team – in fact it was reported that there was a 36% growth of open workspaces from 2015 to 2016. But open spaces result to more security risks and ITDMs are aware of it; in fact 60% of ITDMs state Security is their #1 concern. This means that our technology needs to be secure and manageable.
  • WORK STYLES: Today’s professionals spend about 40% of their time in conference calls and 94% of them say that Collaboration is critically important for work. That means that our customers expect world-class collaboration features provided by our devices and solutions.

Last but not least, Reliability & Quality is the #1 reason for selecting a particular PC brand at 83%: customers need the best build quality for technology that will last!

2. Our Engineering is helping build better devices for the mobile and connected worker!

About a year ago, we introduced HP EliteBook Folio – the world’s thinnest and lightest business laptop with the premium design that consumers desire.  We just recently announced our Security innovations that make our Elite PCs the most secure and manageable in the world. We launched the world’s first integrate privacy screen and world’s first self-healing BIOS with Runtime Intrusion Detection.

We’ve also been reinventing Collaboration. We introduced the World’s first notebook purpose-built for collaboration with HP Premium Collaboration Keyboard. And we made significant investments in the audio quality, for example, the audio by Bang & Olufsen, HP Noise Cancellation Software and HP Audio Boost.

3. Redefining Office “Space”

Offices are a combination of open space workstations, huddle rooms, conference rooms, and of course private offices. All of these spaces make the blended office, where workers interact, collaborate and do their individual work. And all of these spaces are meant to inspire, enhance productivity and eventually keep employees motivated and focused. While offices are becoming more blended, the focus on individual assigned workspaces is still fundamental. Research has shown that 80% of individual workspaces in the US are open plan (assigned space) or private offices; globally, more than 55% are open plan or private offices. Blended, but still very much personal.

At the same time the estimated space per worker was projected to drop by ~33% from 2010 to 2017. With smaller space available, the focus now really turns to how to best optimize it so that it can deliver more to increase worker’s satisfaction and productivity.

A modern office is no longer confined to the workplace – it is shifting to our homes. Home offices are projected to increase by 63% from 2013 to 2018. Similarly within this space, things are getting blended. As we previously talked about One-Life where work and private life blends and devices are expected to do more for the user – in this case – the home entertainment center is merging with the home office, because TVs and monitors are increasingly becoming the same thing.

So, what do all these trends tell us? The personal assigned workspace is still relevant and even more so we need to ensure we bring the best technology for meaningful experiences ON THE DESK. The personal desk, be it in the work office or home office, presents a huge opportunity for us to reinvent its entire experience. We call it The Ultimate Office.

PDS calls this their “Digital Workspace” – which defines the user experience above and beyond the physical workspace.  This aligns well with HP vision and collectively puts PDS & HP in a position to uniquely support clients as we discussed at PDS Connect last week.

To learn more, please contact me directly at or contact your PDS Account Director or sales team at

Lisa Messner

Lisa Messner has been with HP for 20 years as a partner manger. Her responsibilities include working with partners and engaging multiple resources on opportunities.

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