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Device as a Service (DaaS) combines world-class computing devices and accessories, comprehensive lifecycle services, and proactive analytics into a single, all-inclusive package.

For those of you unable to attend PDS Connect, we’re sorry we missed you.

I believe you would have found the DaaS session educational and another tool to add to your toolbelt as you have future conversations on the digital workspace with your leadership teams.

During the session, we reviewed some global trends (Rapid Population Growth and Increased Speed of Innovation) that are beginning to show impact locally, in areas such as the sharing economy and artificial intelligence. These trends were further broken down into business impacts we’re seeing such as the ongoing support costs of maintaining a PC (240% increase in years 4-6 of use) and the shift to new procurement models like leasing. We also discussed the impact analytics is having on businesses by providing the ability to make intelligent investment decisions based on real-world usage data; all powered through analytics and machine learning. We then discussed how businesses such as PDS are responding to these trends, or more specifically, PDS’ DaaS program. PDS defines Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) as: devices and accessories, lifecycle services, and proactive analytics.

Devices and Accessories: PDS has partnerships with nearly all device manufacturers and can work to supply the best devices to meet your business needs and use cases. PDS has demonstration gear in addition to a Digital Workspace learning studio, which gives our clients the hands on experience to determine the right device for the right user.

Lifecycle Services: PDS has a long standing tradition in lifecycle management, having authored the white paper on Good Life Cycle Practices (GLCPs) over 20 years ago. Out legacy from being a component wholesaler, to PC manufacturer, to technology provider, to IT solution integrator, to IT support organization has uniquely positioned PDS as an expert in Lifecycle Management. PDS has been successfully implementing Lifecycle Services for many years and extends that experience into our DaaS offering. We have developed a lifecycle management approach that is technology agnostic, comprehensive, and outcome focused.

Proactive Analytics: PDS has begun focusing on analytics as a core competency within a DaaS offering and has invested in toolsets that provide these capabilities. A few areas this can help: identify the best compute profile for each user, keep devices up to date with the latest patches and updates, and allow for proactive replacement of failing components such as batteries and hard drives…before they cause downtime.

One of the recent changes within the DaaS program is that subscription financial models are no longer a required component. PDS has partnerships with many financial providers that can provide a variety of options to help ensure the most value for your investment, but can also provide their DaaS program on a transactional basis as well. This change within the program is indicative of the partner friendly model PDS embraces. Our clients interest in DaaS has continued to grow and we’ll continue to leverage these experiences to add new value and flexibility within our program.

To summarize:

PDS DaaS is a business PDS has executed for over 30 years. It’s our lifecycle services, devices from industry leading manufacturers, and proactive analytics; all of which can be bundled into a financial model that best fits your business. Please consider some of the global trends we are seeing and their impact to your business. Rapid population growth is changing the way we buy and how we buy and is shaping the idea of the sharing economy (renting versus ownership). Accelerated innovation is allowing large sets of data to be analyzed using artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to create trends and models that allow humans to solve similar problems. It’s becoming clearer that these trends are currently impacting consumers, but I believe they will have significant impact on business as well.

Please reach out to your Account Director or myself to discuss DaaS or other Digital Workspace initiatives you may have.

Nick Wojciechowski

Nick has spent the past sixteen years working in Information Technology in a variety of positions, covering many aspects of technology including: development, systems administration, technical architecture, and executive leadership. This broad spectrum of experience helps Nick provide insight across technology areas within an organization.

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