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Dr. Robert Smiley

Chief Information Officer

The School District of Janesville

Speaker Bio

Dr. Robert Smiley is Chief Information Officer, and International Program Director, for the School District of Janesville, and has worked in the field of Educational Technology since 1991. After completing two years with the US Peace Corps (Caribbean), he earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Ball State University (Indiana), and a Doctorate from UW-Madison (Wisconsin).

Each day he holds himself responsible for asking these questions:

  • What kind of a world are we making?
  • What kind of a world should we be making?
  • What kind of a world can we be making?


Attracting, Selecting, & Retaining High-Quality IT Staff

Wednesday, October 17 | 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM

Attracting, retaining, and rewarding high-quality IT staff is paramount for all leaders. Using Evidenced Leadership Practices to ensure that the best IT staff are hired and retained gives leaders a chance to form the best team possible. Evidenced Based Leadership practices has, as part of its foundation, the concepts of Action Oriented and Results Driven. Evidenced Based Leadership isn’t just a buzz word phrase; it has a boots-on-the-ground meaning that directly impacts people. This presentation will discuss and demonstrate many of these practices that are used to build and maintain and a strong IT Team. Learn how these practices can be used in your program to build a stronger team.