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Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, MD, MS

Senior Healthcare Specialist

HP, Inc.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein MD, MS has guided organizations ranging from community hospitals to academic medical centers and government agencies around the world to reach their clinical, operational and financial goals by advising these organizations on how best to achieve their desired clinical and operational objectives while maintaining budgetary and time constraints. His career includes that of Medical Director, hospital CIO, CMIO and COO, and principal healthcare consultant for companies such as HP Inc, IBM-Watson Health, Allscripts, Truven and Optum Health in the US, Canada and internationally. In addition, Dr. Goldstein has served on numerous regional and national committees for addressing issues to improve health and has brought together clinicians, government agencies, research institutions and technology providers to develop approaches that translate into practical and viable solutions for healthcare. He is a strong proponent of using technology, evidence medicine and local best practice to provide a precision medicine and personalized health approach for care. Dr. Goldstein received his medical degree from CETEC University School of Medicine and completed his Residency training in Family Practice at SUNY Stony Brook – Glen Cove Hospital. He also holds advanced degrees in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from SUNY Buffalo and the University of Connecticut. He is a member of the American College of Physician Executives and served as the national chairperson for the college’s Physician Special Interest Group as well as serving on the NJ Regent’s Advisory Council.


Megatrends in Healthcare 2019

Thursday, October 10 | 1:15 PM – 2:00 PM

Join and listen as Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, MD, MS describes the latest trends this year in Healthcare. His perspective is based on his unique, highly diverse and distinguished career as a physician and a healthcare consultant to many of the top national and international IT organizations. These organizations include HP, Inc, IBM-Watson Health, Optum Health and Allscripts and Truven.