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John Smith

Solutions Architect at Honeywell Scanning & Mobility


Speaker Bio

John Smith has over 20 years in the safety products specifically in mobile productivity products. He has held various pre-sales and solution architect roles in the greater Chicago area market. His passion is working with end users to ensure they are comfortable with mobile solutions.


It is a Mobile World! Mobile Operating System Transition

Thursday, October 10 | 2:15 PM – 3:00 PM

Empowering employees, delivering customer experience, maintaining productivity, streamlining mobile devices, and keeping pace in an ever-changing industry are common business goals. The move to Android is on, Microsoft already stopped supporting Windows® Embedded CE 6.0. and 6.5 will be next. This means devices running these operating systems will not be protected against security threats. Businesses need a future proof and cost- effective mobile platform to achieve these goals, but many fall short when they are put to the test. High-performing businesses need mobile technology solutions that will simplify and elevate performance – with a long life span. In addition to a mobile technology that will elevate performance, business leaders seek an operating platform that will excel under the demands placed upon it. These goals are most certainly achievable through the deployment of the right platform. One that simplifies deployments, strengthen performance, and be a cost-effective, future-proof way for businesses to deploy mobile solutions.