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Nick Nikols

VP Strategy, Security Product Group


Speaker Bio

Nick has more than 25 years of experience in the software industry both in developing industry leading Identity and Cybersecurity solutions and as an industry analyst conducting research and helping clients with issues ranging from consumer identity and securing cloud environments to access governance and secure DevOps. Nick has held leadership positions such as SVP of Product Management and CTO of Cybersecurity at CA Technologies, CTO and GM of Identity and Access Management and Windows Management at Quest Software, VP of Product Management and CTO of Security at Novell, as well as Research Director at Gartner, Head of Research at TechVision Research, and Senior Analyst at Burton Group. Nick has presented at RSA’s Security Conference, Gartner’s Catalyst and Identity and Access Management Summits, and at many industry events.


Evading Death by Silver Bullet

Thursday, October 10 | 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM

Many organizations are lured by the siren call of quick fixes to their security woes with many “silver bullet” point solutions that only address a near term challenge or a fraction of the requirements necessary to deliver truly effective security . Critical needs, such as breach defense, data security and privacy, and secure DevOps, demand a more holistic approach that necessitates several security techniques and areas of expertise working together in concert to provide truly comprehensive protection.

This session provides attendees with insights into how capabilities have been leveraged in concert from across a spectrum of security technologies, combining disciplines from identity and access management, data security (including encryption), application security (including vulnerability scanning and application testing), security operations (including threat detection and operations inspection), as well as machine learning and analytics, to address the complex challenges presented in marshaling an effective defense against breaches and preparations necessary to quickly respond and mitigate the potential damage caused by an attack. More, by taking a more holistic approach to the security framework, it can also enable organizations to “shift left” with security in their modern DevOps processes, facilitating faster integration and delivery of secure applications and services with confidence.

Attendees will leave this session knowing how to avoid the lure of a silver bullet by learning the benefits of taking a holistic approach to security that allows organizations to not only reduce their risk and better protect their assets, but also securely empower their businesses to take advantage of all that the promise of digital transformation has to offer.