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Rick Griencewic

Senior PC Security Adviser


Speaker Bio

Rick Griencewic is senior PC security adviser and security SME at HP Inc. in Houston, Texas. As passionate evangelist of HP’s cybersecurity strategy, Rick travels around the country meeting with enterprise companies and partners about today’s modern security threats – and how HP’s innovative, hardware-enforced, security and manageability solutions help keep businesses safe.

Throughout his 25-year career in high tech, including the past six years at HP, Rick has committed himself to delivering impactful products and solutions that delight users and IT professionals alike. Before joining security team in 2017, Rick spent five years as senior product manager where he planned, defined, and managed the HP EliteBook 800/700 series commercial notebook product line. Rick also spent 14 years at Gateway in North Sioux City, SD, and San Diego, CA, as director of product marketing.

Rick has been granted six United States patents for technical and design innovations – and is not an engineer by trade. He has been also recognized twice as an HP “Leading the Way” award winner in 2016 and 2018.

Rick and his wife, Christine, live outside of Houston in Magnolia, TX. They have two sons.



Wednesday, October 17 | 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM

Over the next 15 years, we will experience more changes than in all of human history to date. So how do we as engineers, marketers, designers, innovators and executives stay ahead of that change and help chart our own course?

Megatrends shape both our physical and digital worlds, and this year we focus on how they are shaping our experiences as human beings. Everything from how we pay for things to how we learn and stay healthy, Megatrends are impacting nearly every experience we have.

At HP, we believe major socio-economic, demographic and technological trends occurring across the globe will have a sustained, transformative impact on the world in the years ahead – on businesses, societies, economies, cultures and our personal lives.