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Determining whether to supplement your IT support services can be a daunting task. Many companies will only think about the people and money involved, but there is so much more behind the scenes. So many more “pieces to the puzzle” if you will.

Recently I conducted a session with IT leaders at the annual PDS Connect conference.  My session was focused on the learning and evaluation process to help determine if outsourcing is the right model for them. Although this is a strength for PDS, my session was not to convince them one way or the other, but rather to give them the framework to determine the right answer for them.

Before we jumped into the process, I reminded them that their employees are customers and need to be treated as such. Customers come back to businesses, just as employees return and stay at their place of employment. The end goal of this process is to ensure the employees/customers were getting the support they needed and deserved.

Where does one begin to put the pieces together? I stuck with a simple outline of the ABCD’s.


Odds are that if you are beginning to think about outsourcing, you have some concerns about how you are currently operating. Are your resources stretched beyond their capacity? Do you have bottlenecks when trying to moving things through a process? Are you meeting your performance levels and are you providing the support your users need, possibly 24×7? And last but not least, are you able to grow? While thinking about all of those items there are some overarching areas you can focus on. This will include but may not be limited to, Hardware, Software, Process and People.


Some benefits will be much more prominent then others. Keeping the support internal will provide you with the security and comfort of familiarity and control, but external can quickly increase your ability to succeed and grow. Soon after you outsource your IT, you will see increased productivity. This will be for both internal and external resources as you are able to put the right focus on the right people. Along with that, you will hopefully see process efficiencies and SLAs being met on a more consistent basis.


If you don’t know your total cost or the return on investment you are getting, trust me, you are not alone. It can be easy to lose track of internal cost when it’s all under one bucket. In order to make an educated decision on outsourcing, you need to know where your money is going and if it’s being spent the way you want. Dollars can be lost or hidden in many areas, which include but are not limited to, Hiring, Training, Managing, QA, Turnover, Overhead, Hardware, Software and the physical location.


Once you are confident you have reviewed everything, you will need to make a decision. Do what you feel is right for you, your company and your users.

I believe most companies will go through this process at one time or another or at least wonder if outsourcing is right for them. In fact, as I review our business at PDS, this is the highest level of growth we’ve seen in this space in the last decade.  Why?  As technology changes faster and faster, you need to be ready to change with it. As your company grows, you will need to be ready to grow with it. As businesses units begin to fund IT, you have to know your IT costs.  As your leadership demands IT to drive the business, you need to allocate your resources closer to your value generating activity.  These are just a few reasons why people are moving some or all support aspects with an outside services provider.

It’s important to at least review this now. Knowing how all of these pieces fit together will help you succeed, regardless if you decide to outsource or not. It was great to see so much participation and follow up after my session concluded and throughout the rest of the conference. I look forward to continued conversations and invite you to contact me (, your Account Director, or Team PDS ( to learn more.

Eric Winburn

Eric is the Help Desk Manager at PDS.

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